24 - 28 June 2018

Bridging the Gap Youth Leadership Training Winter School

Venue: Theo Mbambisa Hall/Unity Hall
Running Currently

Grade 12 Bridging the Gap - Youth Leadership

Venue: IKHWEZI technical Skills centre

Exchange programs.


Africa Day Celebrations

Introducing the African Union Model


Action Leadership for Youth and Community Development Organization is a youth focused non-profit organization which was founded and is based in Mthatha in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa. The organization pursues to teach Leadership Education as the fulcrum that supports Personal Development and Community Development. The organization targets youth between the ages of 12-18 years focusing more on Grades eight to twelve and the youth outside the formal school system as they are rightfully positioned age wise going forward to benefit from conscious personal development and community service.

The purpose of the organisation is to create an awareness and acceptance of individual and citizenship responsibilities through ongoing Leadership Development to our youth so as to increase and improve youth participation in the planning and execution of community development programs as part of exercising their leadership potential.

I learnt to lead, to communicate, to motivate, to control.

Youth (First Leadership Training held at Ikhwezi Technical Skills Center)

ALYCDO Our Programmes

ALYCDO will use various approaches to reach young men and women.

Trainings, seminars, workshops, dialogues and awareness campaigns focusing on Leadership, Personal Development and Growth, Community Development, Active citizenship and Introduction to Thought Leadership for Africa’s Renewal.

  1. Bridging the Gap – Youth Leadership Development Course
  2. Introduction to Thought Leadership:
    1. Pan-Africanism Year 1
    2. Black ConsciousnessYear 2
    3. African Renaissance Year 3
  3. Community Service Learning
  4. Entrepreneurship and Savings Clubs
  5. Modelling structures and Organisations of Governance from local to international.
  6. Mentoring and Job Shadowing.
  7. Festival of Ideas.
  8. Awareness Campaigns
  9. Exchange programs.
  10. Schools Debate League.
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Teach Leadership Education to our youth in order to unlock the leadership potential latent in them and make them be aware of their unique African essentialism in these times of the African Renaissance.