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16 February Leadership Training

16 February Leadership Training

By gromyko in Bridging the Gap, News on 19th February 2019

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On the 16th of February 2019, Action Leadership for Youth and Community Development Organisation (ALYCDO) NPO 153- 578 continued with its ongoing leadership training program at Ikhwezi Technical Skills Centre. The theme for the day was “SELF AWARENESS” under a broad topic “PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT AND GROWTH”. The host of the day was Programs Director and facilitator Mr. Jeffrey Tembo. This series of training started on the 19 of January 2019 and is ongoing.

The program is a support program for Grade 12 learners at this school in their final Matric year. On every scheduled Saturday ALYCDO facilitates a lesson for 2 hours on a particular topic on leadership that is meant to aid and support Grade 12s on their final lap of basic education.

The ideal behind this program is to continuously hammer the importance of the correct application of leadership principles in one’s life and their impact based on empirical research and what has been written down by personal growth and development experts.

The ultimate aim is to challenge the awareness that they get and apply it in their lives. The desired result is behaviour change that is going to support their quest of getting good results in their final sitting of matric examinations at the end of the year, and to lay a foundation for their own personal growth and development in conscious manner going forward into the future.

After exposure to leadership principles, we advocate for our participants to apply these in their lives and see what works and what does not work. Observations brought up then become our focal point going forward as the program develops.

Up to this particular Saturday, the following topics have been covered leading to the one covered on the 16th:

  • The Greatest contradiction of all – G. Ngwenya.
  • Introduction to leadership – G. Ngwenya.
  • Habits of highly effective people – J. Tembo.
  • Personal development and growth (Self Awareness.) – J. Tembo.

Mr. Tembo started the day’s proceedings by recapping the previous lessons. He placed emphasis on the last covered topic which was habits of highly effective people. Participants were able to recall information from the last topics covered. Mr. Tembo then continued to facilitate on Self Awareness as the starting point towards understanding oneself and position oneself towards positive and productive behaviour change linked to habits of effective already covered.

At the end the participants were asked by Mr. Ngwenya during the feedback session to contribute names which were going to be used to identify the program. The following suggestions came up; Introspection, Empowered, Ubulumko, and The voice. After some deliberations the Principal of the school Mr. Zola Ndamase suggested to combine all the raised suggestions to come up with the name of the program that says; The Introspective Voice, Towards an Empowered Mind”

Lastly and interestingly, participants are becoming less tense and much more relaxed their contributions are actually more realistic and experience based as compared to ideal. One such contribution was that as much as we know that certain things need not to be done. The participant felt there is always a need to experiment and learn from that experience. Interesting contributions then to the fore that made the discussion very lively. The lesson was a success and ALYCDO will continue their philosophy of guided youth development on the 2nd of March 2019 were Mr. Ngwenya will guide learners through their goal setting process.

“Mnto’mtsha vuka sakh’ Ikamva eliqaqambileyo”

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