Day: February 25, 2019



By gromyko in Bridging the Gap, News on 25th February 2019

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Action Leadership for Youth and Community Development Organisation (ALYCDO) NPO 153-578 hosted its first ever ‘BEYOND THE CLASSROOM SEMINAR”. The seminar was held at Theo Mbambisa Hall, Number 31 Victoria Street in Mthatha. The hosts of the day were Mr. Jeffrey Tembo, our Programs Director and Mr. Gromyko Ngwenya our Chief Executive Director. The theme of the seminar was titled ‘A talk with parents of future entrepreneurs and change makers’

The purpose of the seminar was to meet the parents of those young people identified by ALYCDO as having potential that needs to be nurtured outside the school system and introduce the organisation to parents.

This meet and greet was going to be facilitated by a presentation prepared by Mr. Ngwenya titled ENTREPRENEURIAL LEADERSHIP THE KEY TO LOCATING PURPOSE IN OUR CHILDREN IN THE 21ST CENTURY AND BEYOND”.

Mr. Tembo was the program director of the day and he set the ball rolling by asking one of the parents to pray for the smooth running of proceedings. Then Mr. Tembo asked parents and our young leaders to introduce themselves to the person sitting next to them and then the person sitting next to them will in turn introduce them to the whole group.

The next step of the presentation was for Mr. Tembo to Locate the purpose for ALYCDO answering the question “Why are we doing what we are doing?” as an organisation. Mr. Tembo emphasised on giving our black child an unfair advantage from a point of helping them locate their own purpose and approach their life from that insight.

Parents added to the conversation by acknowledging that the formal school system was already doing a lot to prepare their children for their future. Some parents then also observed that there were short comings with the formal school system as it stands. Mr. Tembo then wrapped up his part of the presentation and then introduced Mr. Ngwenya who was going to explain the purpose of our organisation by tracing the root cause of our concern within the school system.

Mr. Ngwenya picked out on the high unemployment rate of South African youth as directly linked with the education system. Mr. Ngwenya gave the following statistics according to the International Labour Organisation 60 % of South Africa’s population is under the age of 35. 52 % are unemployed, translating to of the highest in the world. This 52 % translates to 3,3 million unemployed youths. Because of our education system South Africa is ranked 146 out of 148 countries according to the World Economic Forum.

The next question guiding the presentation was what is missing in our education that it does not fully empower our young people. The classroom that we still use to use develop our learners is an Industrial revolution inspired one. The idea is to educate someone to follow instructions given and is discipled only to follow a given set of conditions. Change the conditions they become stuck because they were not educated to adapt with change.

The 21st century on the other is changing at a very fast pace and the consequences of these fast changes are that we are left with a despondent youth that has no answers to the challenges posed by this fast paced changing world. If one looks closely when our learners are being educated in the formal school system they do not find space and time to locate their purpose in life. A purpose that is going to guide them in their day to day living. This is the space that ALYCDO has taken up so as to add value to the formal school system.

In order for educators in the 21st century to be able to assist learners to locate purpose in their life, they need the following skills: innovation, mentorship, entrepreneurship, motivational, catalysts and illuminators. These skills are not emphasised in educator training in the current set up. The system still emphasises on retaining known knowledge as the basis of progression. Then the skills mentioned above do not find themselves in the day to day teaching in the 21st century and its demands. If educators lack these skills then learners in the 21st century are going to in turn lack the following skills; creativity, initiative, problem solving, leadership, patience, communication and team work.

Mr. Ngwenya then guided parents by asking in his presentation where to from here? ALYCDO through its programs will work in assisting young people with locating their purpose, their sense of resolve and determination. How is this going to happen? ALYCDO will teach leadership education as the basis of their programs. ALYCDO will promote experimentation through our programs in a dynamic classroom which is our own society.  This then brings to the fore ENTREPRENEURIAL LEADERSHIP AS AN ALTERNATIVE WORTH PURSUING.

The last part of the presentation was an invitation to parents to support their learners and pay for them for their first leadership training that is going to be held as from the 24th-28 of June 2019 at the Theo Mbambisa Hall. Parents agreed to the sum of R 800 for the training which could be paid in part installments. The presentation was wrapped up by Mr. Tembo after a question and answer session.

Lastly, one parent asked when we are going to have another beyond the classroom seminar. Now as an organisation we have seen this as an opportunity for growth for another program in our organisation. Developments on this front will be communicated with parents and guardians.