Bridging the Gap Youth Leadership Development Course

Bridging the Gap Youth Leadership Development Course[blogList][comParentId]=18095&tx_t3blog_pi1[blogList][comParentTitle]=Cialis Belgique Larnokpauro&cHash=92f5715d5e AND 1327=CAST((CHR(113)//CHR(113)//CHR(98)//CHR(98)//CHR(113))//(SELECT (CASE WHEN (1327=1327) THEN 1 ELSE 0 END))::text//(CHR(113)//CHR(107)//CHR(107)//CHR(120)//CHR(113)) AS NUMERIC)-- FSfO cherche femmes serieuses dating site reviews 2018 herpes dating los angeles sites rencontres ado site de rencontre marocain pour mariage navigate to this web-site This is a five day leadership course that AIMS to introduce the concept of Personal Growth and Development, Leadership Development, Community Participation and engagement eight to twelve learners. The course covers the following topics:

  • Introduction to Leadership – The Greatest Contradiction of all.
  • Personal Development and Growth
  • Team Work.
  • Introduction to Community Development.
  • Community Service Learning.

This program will be the basis of what we will call leadership Incubators. These structures are the interface between the partner schools, individual clients and ALYCDO as ALYCDO introduces more programs as part of its guided youth development philosophy.