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BEYOND THE CLASSROOM: BRIDGING THE GAP YOUTH LEADERSHIP TRAINING PROGRAM is ALYCDO’s first step and foundational block in what ALYCDO has adopted as its “Ongoing youth development philosophy” that spans over a three-year period as basic standard. In this weeklong program that covers 6 hours a day. ALYCDO sets young people in a roller coaster rideexposing themto the concept of leadership, interpreted here at ALYCDO as personal leadership.

What is Personal leadership? Personal leadership is accepting and acknowledging that every individual in their life is leading themselves. Within every individual there is a leader and a follower all interfacing at the same time. This influence relationship between these two, is the business of leadership at its very core, determines one’s life outcomes ALYCDO believes.  The question then becomes are young people aware, if they are, do they know how to lead themselves using leadership knowledge. If they are not, this is ALYCDO’s answer to its deepest why? The program aims to train 90 young people over the three school holidays in the South African Academic year. The Program emphasises on a two-hour guided daily reading slot during the day on the leadership topic of the day. The other four hours are then distributed in various activities such as songs, role plays, dance, videos, plays, debate that are designed to provoke a conversation among young people in relation the topic on leadership under discussion.

The main outcome of the program is to make young people aware that they are leading themselves in their own lives and it is in their best interest to learn about leadership because it provides them with the necessary knowledge and skills that will guide them in their life unfold. This is what we call at ALYCDO, CONSCIOUS PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT AND GROWTH, a consequence of change in view point on how one grows up under the guidance of someone to that of every individual, is leading themselves as the leader and the follower within themselves all interfacing at theat the same time. How then thisinterface plays out is ALYCDO’s point interest and engagement.

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