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Developing a personal development planning system is ALYCDO’S second step and foundational rock in what ALYCDO has adopted as its “ongoing youth development philosophy” that spans over a three-year period as a basic standard. Developing a Personal Independent Planning System called an Independent Development Plan is a follow up program to Bridging the Gap Youth Leadership Training Program. This is purely a practical approach that lays down the brick and mortar of leadership concepts learnt in the Bridging the Gap Leadership Training Program to test. It is in this program that young people’s individual life experiences with the theoretical underpinnings that they learnt in their first-year exposure to personal leadership knowledge meet for the first time in a conscious and guided manner.
The idea here is to construct an Independent Personal Development Plan through monthly guidance meetings that delve into 10 different topics over a10-month period on every first Saturday of every month starting from February to November. These topics are selected to assist young people to create their own independent personal development plan for that year and in the process learn the skills that they will deliberately choose as best suited for them and carry forward to use them as they grow up and plan their lives independently. All this is an effort towards assisting participants to become conscious leaders in their lives using the knowledge and tools they will be exposed to.
This program is guided by the belief that TO KNOW AND NOT TO DO IS NOT TO KNOW. This program ultimately is the bedrock of our interpretative research efforts aimed at producing evolving transformative local knowledge systems in youth personal leadership development. These research efforts are meant to inform our impact towards building independently effective young people in their personal leadership and youth leadership development drive. All geared towards achieving one’s designed life’s outcomes, ultimately interpreted as personal success.

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