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Introduction to Thought Leadership for Africa’s Development Program (ITLADP) is a program that buys into part of our vision that reads; “… to make [our young people] aware of their unique African essentialism in these times of the African Renaissance.” In this program we introduce great African voices as expressed in Pan Africanism, Black consciousness and African Renaissance. These ideas are incorporated into our debate league and a Model African Union-ALYCDO. ALYCDO partners with High Schools and creates International African Affairs clubs within these schools. It is through these clubs Alycdo teaches African philosophy,Debate, and Introduction to Diplomacy once a month with one school hosting other schools. The schools debate league program capacitates participants with debate skills and teaches them logic and reasoning skills.

ALYCYDOmoved away from the run on the mill approach of debate in schools were proficiency in the English is much more emphasized than the construction and deconstruction of a valid argument.ALYCYDO will teach logical form as the basic skill that will capacitate participants into knowing how to logically construct an argument and be able to poke holes in an opponent’s argument following Toulmin principles of argumentation. Participants are exposed to different fallacies, valid and invalid arguments. This program will capacitate our participants with the necessary skills they need when reasoning at a basic introductory level.

Schools contribute learners as a school team represented by 6 learners. However, learners train as a team and debate as individuals who accumulate points as individuals as well as the school team. At the end of the league Alycdo hosts a Model African Union as the epitome of our debating league by taking participants through a workshop teaching them Model African Union- ALYCDO format, Position Paper research and writing preparing them for a mini Model African Union Debate guided by the structure of the African Union.

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