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The program is part of the ongoingyouth development philosophy adopted by Action Leadership for Youth and Community Development Organisation (ALYCDO). Participantsare challenged to open a bank account and save money for the first year in which ALYCYDO is the oversight officer, the organisation that monitors activities and progress in terms of their saving enterprise.

During the year in which participants open an account, they are capacitated with knowledge on how to be entrepreneurial and business oriented. Side by side being taught and capacitated, they develop an idea that they will put to test in the second year and going forward.

In the second year they are pushed to put their idea to test or to continue saving as two alternatives that they can pursue as they start on their journey on wealth building. The two alternatives are geared towards practically exposing the power of saving and putting ideas to test. These ideas are saving towards investment instruments or towards building a business.

ALYCDO is looking for strategic partnerships here so that they can assist in teaching and training entrepreneurship in pursuit of its contribution in developing an entrepreneurial mindset. Ideally, ALYCDO has identified as a strategic partner that we are engaging on possible promotional partnership first and strategic partnership later.

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